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So i definitely think that portion should be rewritten.--Qim1 , June 13, 2010 (UTC) Something probably should be mentioned about the fanslation of the Thief King's name, Akefia. While a part of Zorc's spirit was sealed in the Ring, that entitlty is referred to as Yami Bakura.there was also no ratings system (quizzes) so you had no way of knowing what you were in for ever with these things.this quiz is my second quiz I've made on this website and it is also one from my Quizilla account. I understand their connection as I understand Yami Bakura's connection to Ryou as well, be it as Ryou is merely a host for his spirit. I know that Thief King Bakura is Ryou Bakura back in ancient Egypt.

i got internet at home, i would go to the university computer lab early in the morning, check email and newsgroups, save everything on floppy disc, and take them home where i’d read mail/news posts and compose replies in a text editor.

she had one-shots, she had aus, she had in-character fics – sometimes updating three stories a day.

a dare, naruto and kiba start a dating agency with a 'one date only' policy.

Whilst TBK's page states that he's a similar but distinct entity from Yami Bakura.

I was beginning to think Yami Bakura was both spirits combined, but then after some more reading, I began to think Yami Bakura was ONLY Zorc and had nothing to do with TBK.

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